Tuesday, June 16, 2015

LAST ALPHA by Ruby Fielding

Series:  N/A
Author:  Ruby Fielding
Publish Date:   06.16.2015
Publisher:  James Grieve Press
Category /Genre:  Paranormal Romance
Recommended for:  18+ due to sexual content
Received from:  Ruby Fielding (in exchange for an honest review)
Goodreads link: Last Alpha
Date completed: 06.09.15

Description from the publisher:
He never wanted to fall in love. She never planned to let him.

Jenny Layne has made a career out of investigating werewolf reports, but every case has only confirmed that shape-shifters are the stuff of legend or madness. Until now. Lured to a remote Scottish estate to meet a researcher working on the science behind the werewolf phenomenon, Jenny finds steadily mounting evidence that something strange is running wild in the hills.

Billy Stewart has traveled the world in pursuit of stories of shape-shifters and other strange phenomena, but the last thing he ever expected to find was love. Billy is not a man who falls easily, but when he does, it is a force of nature. When he meets Jenny he knows immediately that she is his soulmate, but Jenny is not so sure. Are his intense feelings for her just some kind of insanity, or is Jenny turning him away because that's exactly what she always does when a guy gets interested?

By turns passionate romance and gripping paranormal thriller, Last Alpha tells the story of two people whose paths collide with earth-shattering consequences. As love boils over and the dark secrets buried away in Jenny and Billy's past rise to the surface, a night of murder raises the stakes yet higher.

And as she fights for her own survival, Jenny must face perhaps the biggest question of them all. In matters of life, death and love, can Beauty ever really hope to tame the Beast?

This is a stand-alone story.

This is one of those books that I call a relaxing read.  There is a bit of suspense and definitely some turmoil, but it never seeped into my bones and made me feel tense.  A nice change of pace and welcomed during a time when my own life is full of angst and boiling emotions.

The main characters, Billy and Jenny, are fantastically layered and real.  Jenny’s cautious, almost fearful, and analytic approach to the thought of love was frustrating, yet understandable.  There was no insta-love for her (though Billy was sure as soon as he met her).  Instead, she allowed it to grow organically, even fought it a little, and was amazed herself at the realization when she was sure it was true.  I loved that.  Again, just something a little different from the usual hard and fast of so many shifter romance stories.

This is the first book I have read from Ruby Fielding.  I’d love to read more.  I’m curious if the relaxed pace is her normal or I just stumbled on to the right one at the right time for me.

Grammar/editing:  A – near perfect

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