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Series:  Moonrising #1 (prequel)
Author:  K.S. Haigwood
Narrated by:  Pyper Down
Publish Date:   09.05.14
Publisher:  K.S. Haigwood
Category /Genre:  Paranormal Romance
Recommended for:  16+ due to violence
Received from:  K.S. Haigwood (in exchange for an honest review)
Date completed: 11.08.14
Goodreads link: Accepting the Moon

Description from the publisher:

There is a new Alpha Wolf in town, and she is about to change everything.

Mena had all she wanted in life: a nice house, money, a successful husband who treated her like a queen.

That was, until she found out her marriage was all a lie, and things she never thought could exist, did.

Vampires are real.

Werewolves are real.

And Mena is not human anymore.
 This is the first book in the Moonrising series.  This is a short-story.  It is a prequel providing the background to a new series from K.S. Haigwood.  I am ready for the next one!!  I am on pins and needles wanting more!  No, there is not a cliff-hanger; I just want the next book in the series. 
I did not read this book.  Settle down – that does not mean that I am writing a review without reading the book!  A couple of weeks ago, Kristie (K.S. Haigwood) asked me if  I wanted to do something a little different.  She offered me an Audible coupon for ACCEPTING THE MOON and I accepted her challenge.  This was the first book I have done “on tape” for a review and it has been years since I last listened to an audio book.

Anybody who has followed my blog for any length of time knows that I do a lot of my reading while on the treadmill.  The supreme advantage to this book, besides the fact that it was just a fantastic story, was that I didn’t have to turn it off at the end of my walk.  Instead, I could continue listening while I did my crunches, push-ups, etc. That is a huge bonus in my life!

I am absolutely in love with Mina.  Mina is kick-ass.  When she finds out her husband is cheating, she kick his ass to the curb!  When she finds out that werewolves and vampires are real, and she’s now one of them, she kicks it into high gear to face her new challenges face-on.

The story had a great unpredictability that kept me focused on the edge of my seat, so to speak.  Jackson and Phoenix are both to die for (no pun intended) and I am looking forward to reading more about both of them.  Mina has a great plan for the vampires and the werewolves, but will it work?  That’s just another reason that I am going to be stalking, ummm, following Kristie and I will be jumping on every book in this series.

This was the first of her books that I have read.  I do have two more of her books and I will be fitting them into my TBR as quickly as possible.  I loved the story, the flow, and the style of this book and hope to find the others will be equally wonderful.

One last thing... I would be committing a sin if I didn't mention Pyper Down, the reader for this audio book.  I love her voice.  It is comfortable to listen to her.  She does not lull you to sleep nor grate on the ears.  Listening to her was like listening to a good mother reading a bedtime story, adding just the right amount of pausing and voice changes to keep the listener engaged.  Thank you, Pyper Down.  Seeing your name on future audio books will be an incentive for me.

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