Friday, June 23, 2017

THE FRIAR by Samantha A. Cole

Series:  N/A
Author:  Samantha A. Cole
Publish Date:   05.25.2017
Publisher:  Samantha A. Cole
Category /Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Recommended for:  18+ due to sexual content
Grammar/editing:  A
Received from:  Samantha A. Cole (as an ARC gifted copy)
Goodreads link: The Friar
Date completed: 06.17.2017

Description from the publisher:
Adam Westfield gave his heart, mind, body, and soul over to God and entered the Franciscan Brotherhood, but a moment of rage had him breaking his vows and one of the Ten Commandments. Five years later, he’s released from prison a changed man once again. Unsure of his destiny now, he hits the road, roaming the United States, hoping to find a purpose in life again . . . and forgiveness.

A widowed mother of two, Sage Hammond is doing everything she can to hold onto the horse-breeding ranch that had belonged to her husband’s family for generations, but times are tough and she’s just barely getting by. Unable to find a ranch hand willing to work for meager wages, she thinks all may be lost and she will have to sell. Until a quiet, handsome stranger appears to be an answer to her prayers.

Adam is falling in love for the first time in his life, however, strange things begin to happen at the ranch—things that are putting Sage and her children in danger—and he finds he is willing to sell his soul to protect them. But will it be enough?

A man trying to overcome his past. A woman trying to secure her children’s future. Can they both learn to live in the present and discover that second chances do exist?


THE FRIAR is a stand-alone novel and not related to any series currently in production.

This is different from Samantha’s series in many ways.  There is no team to rely upon.  That is a completely different dynamic to write.  She has done it superbly!

I loved the characters – good and evil.  Each was unique with great back stories to add to the world that was being created.  I also loved that I was kept guessing until the very end – who and why.

This is one of those mysteries that I wish I could read again for the first time.  The thrill of discovery is perfectly paced.

Note:  while I was given this book as a gifted ARC, my opinions are my own and are given freely.

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