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THIEF by Erin R. Bedford

Title:  THIEF
Series:  Fairy Tale Bad Boys #3
Author:  Erin R. Bedford
Publish Date:   12.13.2016
Publisher:  Embrace the Fantasy Publishing
Category /Genre:  Fairy-tale retelling, Contemporary Romance
Recommended for:  18+ due to sexual content
Grammar/editing:  C – average writing, poorly edited
Received from:  Amazon purchase
Goodreads link: Thief
Date completed: 01.25.2017

Description from the publisher:
Gold wasn't the only treasure worth having.

Life as a Fae was hard. It was even harder when your last job and love of your life takes off with your gold and your kid. Tom Rumple was no choice but to seek the help of the delicious human lawyer in a custody battle that would pave the way for all Fae human relationships. If only he could keep his eye on the prize and not his lawyer’s tantalizing lips.

Being a big shot lawyer in New York City was all Sage could ever dream of and when her chance came she snatched it up faster than a Gucci bag on clearance. Like all good things, not everything was as it seems. Exiled to Florida to work Fae cases, all Sage could think about was doing her time and getting back to the big city. But when a sexy tattooed fae came into to her office pleading for her help to get his daughter back, something else began to stir in her.


THIEF is the third book in the Fairy Tale Bad Boys series.  While the books each stand on their own, they do have characters that cross from one to another.  Though I read them out of order myself, and that wasn’t a problem, I would recommend reading them in the order of release.

Rumpelstiltskin was always one of my favorite fairy-tales, so I was excited to realize that our sexy thief was none other than!  Though there is no loom or spinning wheel, Tom Rumple is as avarice-filled as ever.  His love for his greatest treasure is boundless and his determination to have it returned to him is beautiful. 

I thought this a very sweetly written romance with the promise of a three-way happily ever after as Tom, Sage, and Evie come together to form the family they are meant to be.

The book is in sore need of a good proofreader and editor.  The one editing suggestion I would make is that the reader does not need to be reminded more than once or twice after the initial telling of the motives of the main characters – we get it!  He loves his daughter and wants her back.  There is no need to restate it every time the girl is mentioned.  Beyond that, the story is worth any mild irritation caused by the errors and repetition of line.

This was the first book I have read from Erin R. Bedford and it definitely won’t be the last.  In fact, I’m jumping straight on to book one from this series.

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