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Series:  Not Even Death #2
Author:  B.B. Blaque
Publish Date:   09.09.2014
Publisher:  B.B. Blaque
Category /Genre:  Contemporary Romance, BDSM
Recommended for:  18+ due to sexual content
Grammar/editing:  ungraded – book received as an unedited ARC / errors excused
Received from:  B.B. Blaque (as an ARC gifted copy)
Goodreads link: Still Your Master
Date completed: 10.12.15

Description from the publisher:
The continuing story of what happens when a Master, Markus Cruz continues to guide his slave to her next happily ever after....when not even death, breaks their bond of love.

First was Derrick Destry... safe, surprising, dominant.... and a whole lot sexier than she ever imagined. (See Not Even Death-Eternally Your Master for their story)

Next, comes Blaze St. Sebastian...dangerous, rock star, Master and full of life altering surprises--everything she always dreamed he'd be and more.

In collaboration with Markus, Calico's deceased Master...she will learn the next lesson... Trust... taking a chance on life... so she'll be ready to take a chance on love and surrender.

Markus is still Calico's Master, not even death has broken their bond of love. He continues to show how much he cherished his slave as he leads her to the next phase of life.
The foundation has been laid to guide her to future happiness as a slave, but a base is nothing until something rises from it.

Enter Blaze St. Sebastian—the sizzling, bad-boy rock star. He is the definition of edge and the next flame in Markus’ line to ignite Calico's life.

With Markus and Blaze's guidance and discipline Calico will learn to take chances on life, love and herself.

She will learn to trust, and if she can stop trying, she'll learn she can just fly!

From the streets of NYC, to the beaches of Florida go for a ride with Calico as she experiences life, love, sex and music in ways she never fathomed.


This is the second book in the Not Even Death series.  They definitely must be read in order.

I absolutely could not put this down and finished it in one day.

After reading the first book, I quipped that my favorite character wasn’t even there.  Marcus, Calico’s husband and Master, may have been parted from her by death, but he has proven his love is far-reaching and eternal.  He has left letters, gifts, and friends to guide his slave to her future happiness.  The first Master to assist was Derrick who taught Calico that she would need to live, love, and serve again in order to be fulfilled as a slave.  Now, Marcus has brought Blaze, rock-star and a personal fantasy for Calico, to encourage her to open her wings.  It is in trusting that she will be able to fly again.

I love how each man in her life has endeared her with a different love name.  Marcus removed her from the streets of NYC and started calling her Calico and Kitten instead of Carissa, Derrick called her Cali, and now Blaze has named her Kitty.  Sigh!  Love names are so special.  They speak to my heart.

Eternally, Still, Always… Forever. The stories of Markus and Calico will be a never ending story of love.

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