Saturday, November 7, 2015

THE FAMILIAR by Jill Nojack


Series:  Bad Tom #1

Author:  Jill Nojack

Publish Date:   09.15.15

Publisher:  Kindle Press

Category /Genre:  Romantic Comedy, Paranormal Romance

Recommended for:  18+ due to sexual content

Received from:  gift from Kindle Press

Goodreads link: The Familiar

Date completed: 09.08.15

Description from the publisher:

Sometimes a cat has to man up.

Tom has been mostly cat for a long time, but when the witch who enslaved him dies, he has one last chance to become a man again and maybe to find love, too. He just needs to tell Cassie, a sensible girl who knows nothing about the witchy business all around her, that he's trapped in the body of the kitten she cuddles at night. But cats aren't known for their conversational skills, and a powerful warlock is determined to take Cassie for himself. To make things worse, Tom is rapidly running out of lives.


This is the first book in the Bad Tom series.  They will need to be read in order.

I received this book as one of the voters through Kindle Scout – a program that asks the readers to vote on the books that will be published through Kindle Press.  In exchange, the voters for the book each receive a copy if it is chosen for publication.  I am so glad I was included in this vote and that it succeeded!

First I’ll say that I love the cover.  It is whimsical and sweet and sets the tone for the story.

For someone who loves the movie Hocus Pocus and whose favorite character of the movie is Thackery (the cat), this book was immediately endearing.  How does the young man feel about being a cat?  What abilities change with the changing physique?  I fell in love with Tom long before Cassie had figured out that her aunt’s pet was a little something more than a pet!

I loved hiding in this story – completely lost to the world as I know it and living the life that Cassie is finding to be uniquely different after inheriting her aunt’s potions shop.  What if the magic were real and not just a con for the tourists?

This story does stand on its own and you could read it and call it quits, but there is still a semi-cliffhanger that begs for attention and continuation.  I sincerely hope that Ms. Nojack will continue this series, because I must know what happens to Cassie and Tom!

Grammar/editing:  A – near perfect

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