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ON THE ROCKS by Jade C. Jamison


Series:  Vagabonds # 3

Author:  Jade C. Jamison

Publish Date:   10.30.2015

Publisher:  Jade C. Jamison

Category /Genre:  Contemporary Romance

Recommended for:  18+ due to sexual content

Received from:  Jade C. Jamison (beta reading)

Goodreads link: On the Rocks

Date completed: 11.24.15

Description from the publisher:

The explosive conclusion to the Vagabonds trilogy!

After playing second fiddle in the all-girl rock band the Vagabonds, lead guitarist Kyle Summers decides to break out on her own and puts together a band that helps her shine as a solo act.

But the road is uphill and success seems elusive. She begins to question herself and her talent, wondering if she should sell out to win the adoration of her old fans or stubbornly follow her heart and continue to languish in relative obscurity.

On-again, off-again love interest CJ Slavin helps Kyle get her new band off the ground but refuses to commit to their relationship, once more leaving Kyle feeling alone, unloved, and unimportant, and those emotions lead her to do rash, irrevocable things on the road, things that could drive CJ away for good. Will they finally admit their feelings to one another and forsake all others or split for good, and will Kyle finally find the fame she’s been working her ass off for or will she leave it all behind, a broken woman?

Find out in the final tale of the Vagabonds trilogy!

This is the third book in the Vagabonds trilogy.  They do need to be read in order.

Kyle Summers is the Queen of Metal Rock in this series.  She is no little summer shower, she is a category 5 hurricane ready to take the music industry by storm.  She is one Bad Ass Bitch with a serious talent and passion for the metal she plays.  Sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll is only the beginning of the life she is living…

I am heartbroken to come to the end of this amazing ride.  It was full of surprises that made me cry and cheer.  I loved the raw emotions that Kyle bore and learned to tame.  She is a spit-fire determined to take the one life she has and make it sing her tune!

This was my favorite book in the series.  I could not put it down and it was well worth the missed sleep.

If you’re wondering if you should read this series… if you’re think that because they started as teenagers it’s meant for teeny-boppers…. If you’ve never read a book from Jade C. Jamison before…but you love romance and or rock music… I’m telling you know that you won’t be disappointed.  Start with this series and then go gobble up the rest of her books.  Her books are my drug of choice and I invite you to party with us!!

Long live (and write) the Queen of Rock Romance!!

Grammar/editing:  ungraded – book received as an unedited ARC / errors excused

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