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Series:  Cynfell Brothers #1
Author:  Samantha Holt                                                                
Publish Date:   04.13.15
Publisher:  Samantha Holt
Category /Genre:  Historical Romance
Recommended for:  18+ due to sexual content
Received from:  Samantha Holt (in exchange for an honest review)
Goodreads link: Sinful Confessions
Date completed: 05.22.15

Description from the publisher:
Lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride. The Cynfell brothers are the very embodiment of a sinful existence. But could the right woman change that?


Locked behind the walls of Lockwood Manor, Julian Cynfell, the Marquess of Lockwood whiles away his days writing angry letters, drinking and sleeping. He never expects his solitude to be interrupted by a brazen American heiress.

An American heiress who is expecting a wedding.

Viola Thompson can’t believe her luck when the English lord she has been corresponding with for the better part of a year asks her to visit him. This has to mean an offer of marriage surely? Finally, Viola will prove to her family and friends that she is more than a ruined woman with no prospects. Not to mention she knows they will be a love match. No one could write such beautiful letters without being the perfect man.

But when she arrives in cold, dreary England to be faced by a foul-tempered, grizzled—albeit in a handsome way—marquess, her dreams of marriage are quickly dashed. Can she draw the lord out of his melancholy ways? And does she even want to remain in England while rumours of three dead wives circulate around Lockwood?

One thing is for certain, this American heiress has never been one to back down from a challenge—especially when not even the Atlantic Ocean could dampen the patent desire running between them.

This is the first book in the Cynfell Brothers series, each embodying one of the seven deadly seasons.  Each will stand alone, but I would still recommend reading them in the order of release.  You can expect updates on the previous couples.

The Marquees of Lockwood, Julian Cynfell, is wrath personified and with good reason.  Three times he has been left a widower and the tongues of the ton are wagging, as one might expect.  His only joy comes in the letters from his pen pal in America.  Viola Thompson is the daughter of a business associate and she provides all of the correspondence for her ailing father.   Besides being awkward for both of them, I thought their first meeting was as intriguing as it was funny.  In fact, I loved the whole story – Julian fighting the love vs lust battle and Viola’s secrets and background add to the tensions, both sexual and societal.

Somehow, Samantha Holt is always able to provide intelligent, unique romance with a solid side of humor.  She has delivered again and I am looking forward to continuing this series.  I read it in one sitting (instead of doing the chores i had set for myself for the day LOL).  I know that I will never go wrong with a romance from Samantha Holt.  Bonus:  Yeah!! I already have book 2 - and yes, i'm still ignoring those chores!!!

Grammar/editing:  ungraded – book received as an unedited ARC / errors excused

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  4. (coming soon)
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