Wednesday, April 29, 2015

BEACH BEAR by Rachel Real

Series:  California Bears #6
Author:  Rachel Real
Publish Date:   04.24.15
Publisher:  Rachel Real
Category /Genre:  Paranormal Romance, BBW
Recommended for:  18+ due to sexual content
Received from:  Amazon purchase
Goodreads link: Beach Bear
Date completed: 04.29.15

Description from the publisher:
Curvy weather girl, Sunny Prim, has a terrifying accident that leaves her confused and stranded on a sandy beach. But she's not alone. Havoc Hunter, A sexy, tan and dirty blonde beach bum werebear comes to her rescue . And also, shows her how to have a little fun in paradise.

Should Sunny hold out hope for rescue? Or, should she kick back and have a little fun in the sun?

This is a quickie read and a HEA Romance.

It takes place in the larger world of the California Bears Series, but is complete and can be read as a standalone.

Steamy scenes ahead! This novella has hot passionate alpha sex scenes. If curvy gals gettin' their groove on with shifters aren't your cuppa tea, pass this one up. But if you like big girls and brawny heroes--enjoy!

The numbering of the books is a bit wonky as both Bear Bound and Beach Bear are listed as #3.  They are not the same book, so a little confusion there.  Since they do stand-alone, it turns out to be not a huge issue.  Given the dates of publication, I would say this should actually be listed as #6.

When Sunny Prim, a curvy weather girl, falls off of a cruise ship, she finds herself washed ashore on a deserted island that already has one occupant.  Havoc Hunter had given up on the idea of a mate and has isolated himself on his uncharted island.  Havoc has come to Sunny’s rescue once, could he be her salvation?  Could she be his unexpected mate?

Entertaining, but….even in human form, he penis was referred to as his “bear cock” – ewwww – smacks a little too much of bestiality.

This is the first book I have read from Rachel Real.  I have to admit to a morbid curiosity to try another of her books.  While I found her editing lacking and the touch of bestiality disturbing, I still thought the story idea was interesting and promising if polished up.

Grammar/editing:  D – many errors, some distraction

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