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DOGS OF WAR by Rue Volley

Series:  Hellhounds #2
Author:  Rue Volley
Publish Date:   01.04.14
Publisher:  Hot Ink Press
Category /Genre:  Paranormal Romance, Dark Fantasy
Recommended for:  18+ due to sexual content and violence
Grammar/editing:  B – a few small errors
Received from:  a gift from my friend, Patricia Crews
Goodreads:  Dogs of War
Date completed: 01.04.14

Description from the publisher:
In 'Dogs of War' we rejoin Halo Bay and the Hellhounds as they adjust to an unexpected loss.  Weakened and feeling as if they may be losing the battle, the Hellhounds reach out to the most unlikely of creatures...that of the vampires. 

At Ari's insistence, two very powerful vampires are called upon to help them.  Hunter, who has a sordid past with Dorin and Vanessa, Queen of the vampires and daughter to Dracula himself.   As they struggle to solidify their new alliance, Halo finds she has to barter with the only thing she truly owns.  Herself.  This is a deal that Lucifer is eager to seal and blinded by love Halo may be stepping into a plan set in motion centuries before she even existed.  Will she restore the balance between Heaven and Hell?  Or will she become the final seal?


This is the second book in the Hellhounds series.  They do need to be read in order.

What would you do for love?  Halo proves that she will go through Hell for her love, but then she is walking lines between trust, friends, allies, and duty.  How will she maintain the balance of Heaven and Hell without losing her own center?

So, I need to mention again, this book was not on my very tight schedule, but things happen.  If you read the previous review, you saw that I was sitting at home, alone on a Friday night, surfing Facebook instead of reading, when Patricia Crews invited me to an online party for Saturday.   I popped in to accept the invite and Patti bowled me over with the biggest hug – I needed that, you know that whole ALONE ON FRIDAY NIGHT thing – and asked if I had read the first Hellhound?  I honestly hadn’t heard of them, so big heart that she has, she goes and gifts both the first and second books to me.  So in the wee hours Saturday morning I read the first book, and I was hooked!  Thankfully I had book two also from Patti, but now we’re going to be whining about not having book three yet.  Ms. Volley, you have another stalker!

Ms. Volley, your betas are doing a great job with content and flow, but you need someone dedicated to grammar.  That is my only complaint.  I absolutely loved this story.  Though I guessed the ending situation, I loved how you presented it.  Even so, I will admit it may have been me you heard screaming, “NOOOOOO!!”

Will I read more?  HELL YES!  If you haven’t started reading any of the books from this author, let me know.  We may have to do something about that!

Oh, and, by the way – that party I mentioned – I won an autographed copy of book 1 from this series.  I am seriously excited!

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2.     Hellhounds: Book 2
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