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Title:  THE BREAKING OF SABRINA:  Erotica with a Message

Author:  Vile with Lea Barrymire

Publish Date:   07.12.14

Publisher:  Vile/Barrymire Publications

Category /Genre:  Erotica, short story

Recommended for:  18+ due to shocking violence and sexual content

Received from:  Amazon purchase

Grammar/editing:  B – a few small errors

Goodreads link: The Breaking of Sabrina

Date completed: 07.21.14


Description from the publisher:

To the readers,

In the story you’re about to read, The Breaking of Sabrina, I put myself in the mind of a sadist. There are sadists alive and well. You could be standing next to one in the checkout line, your waiter, or someone you work with. You never know. Believe me, things like I have mentioned do really happen. While most being consensual, some are not. Even if you have thought of it or you have a need to be broken, think twice. The lifestyle is not a game. The lifestyle is not a fantasy. The world of BDSM is powerful and it is real and if you fall into the wrong hands you can get hurt.

While this story is not true, it is completely fictitious; the experiences you’ll read about do go on. It happens daily, maybe not the way I wrote it, but the breaking of a slave is very common. This story could be real, and it could be you. Be careful and be safe.

Much Love,


This is Vile’s first released short story.  He has teamed up with author, Lea Barrymire, whose previous works can be found here. (L.Barrymire author page on Goodreads).


Sabrina is a bitch and her husband, Mark, though a good guy is a wimp.  He has seen his friend Vile and his slave.  Mark thinks he wants that kind of relationship, but doesn’t know how to bring his wife to that submission.  He engages Vile to take Sabrina and break her so that she will be compliant.  Be careful what you wish for…


This is very good, especially for a first work offered.  I applaud Mr. Vile for showing how quickly the thought of what BDSM is can be perverted to something abusive.  Mark wants a slave, but he doesn’t know how to be a Master, so he turns to his friend.  Unfortunately, Vile doesn’t train Mark first.  Instead, he goes along with Mark’s plan to have Sabrina broken first.  All three main characters are deeply flawed, though the men at least both do want something better for Sabrina’s life. 


I hope that Mr. Vile will continue creating stories for us.  Perhaps he will even give us a story about what happens next for Vile, Sabrina, and Vile’s current slave who is not a part of this book though mentioned in passing.




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