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Series:  Strange in Skin #1
Author:  Sara V. Zook

Publish Date:   07.24.2012

Publisher:  Imagine Press

Category /Genre:  Paranormal Fantasy

Recommended for:  YA and up

Grammar/editing:  B – a few small errors

Received from:  Sara V. Zook (in exchange for an honest review)

Tour by:  My Family’s Heart Book Reviews

Goodreads:  Strange in Skin

Date completed: 11.05.13


Description from the publisher:

From the moment Anna James meets the strange prisoner Emry Logan, she becomes instantly obsessed and will stop at nothing to try to get another interaction with him. But going against her family and church aren’t without consequence. She is deemed a traitor as she quickly realizes that there’s more to Emry’s past than just murder. He has a special ability that is far from human that he only shares with her.


Feeling this magical connection, Anna has to free her beautiful inmate so that they can be together finally, but someone else knows about Emry’s secret and wants Anna to stop digging for answers as she finds herself in the midst of a modern day witch hunt.


The life of an innocent pastor’s kid suddenly is turned upside down in a war between good and evil as Anna begins to wonder which people in her life are on the side of good, and is she one of them.




Book one of the Strange in Skin series.  You definitely need to read these in order.


Anna is the preacher’s kid.  She still lives at home at the age of 22 and has been sheltered.  She has been raised “right” and lives a simple, boring life.  That is, until the day her mother sends her to the local prison to hand out pamphlets when her father is busy with other duties.

There she meets a young man awaiting trial, Emry Logan.  There is the instantaneous intrigue for both of them, but the expectations of her family and church make it problematic for her to return and visit him again.  When she does manage a visit, she discovers that he has a unique gift and she soon learns that his gift has him branded by a secret sect in their town. 


I really enjoyed this book.  The mystery, the fantasy, and the love story are well-developed and beautifully entwined.  There is even a moral to the story.  I am happy to say that I have also received the second and third books in this series and will be posting them later this week.


The Strange in Skin series:

  1. Strange in Skin
  2. Evadere
  3. Solace

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  • The Dating Game Series:

    1. I Call Her Psycho (Dec 2013)




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