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NIGHTS EMBRACE by Brandy L. Rivers

Series:  Others of Seattle #1
Author:  Brandy L. Rivers
Publish Date:   04.02.14
Publisher:  Brandy L. Rivers
Category /Genre:  Adult Paranormal Romance
Recommended for:  18+ due to sexual content
Grammar/editing:  B – a few small errors/ book received as an unedited ARC
Received from:  Brandy L. Rivers (in exchange for an honest review)
Tour by:  My Family’s Heart
Goodreads link: Nights Embrace
Date completed: 05.03.14

Description from the publisher:
It all started with a song.

Roxana Nights was late to another gig, thanks to her first love, and drummer. It’s been years since she left Jordan, but he won’t let her go. Then she hears a voice that pulls her under a spell and changes her whole world.

Trevor Malone just moved to Seattle with his band. Music is his only passion, until he lays eyes on Roxana. He’s never felt anything as strong as the pull to her. Now he needs to find a way to introduce her to his world.

There’s only one problem. A rival clan won’t rest until they’ve taken Trevor’s down. Unwilling to let old grudges die, they target Roxy. Trevor will do anything to keep her safe.
Roxy will find that the world she writes is closer to reality than she ever imagined. She’ll also learn that not all monsters are evil, though some are ruthless.

Will love stay strong when the past comes out? Can they survive the centuries old vendetta?

This is the first book in a new series from Ms. Rivers.  They do need to be read in order.  The Others of Seattle parallels the Others of Edenton series and some characters from Edenton are visited and lend their support to the Seattle Others, but this is not a retelling in another location.

Trevor, lead singer of the band Lunar Storm, is this Irish stud werewolf with a lot of very old baggage he’s carrying along with him.  He is also the last of his clan unmated.  One scent of Roxy Night, lead singer of Nights Embrace and paranormal romance novelist, and he knows that he has found her.  Just because she writes about the things that go bump in the night, doesn’t mean that she believes they are real.  Not only will Trevor need to break the news, he will have to protect her from a rival clan intent on harming him by harming her.

From paragraph one this book had me sucked in.  Normally, at work, I don’t pay much attention to my break times.  Today, I was setting my alarm to be allowed to read another chapter or two.

I love Roxy.  She is strong physically, mentally, and emotionally with just the right amount of humility, quirk, and crazy. 

Do not expect an Others of Edenton story in a different location.  These characters and their otherness are different.  I look forward to following this series.  This is definitely another series on my must-read-it-as-soon-as-it-releases list.

One huge disadvantage in receiving the book as an ARC is that I am unable to highlight favorite lines.  One that I loved was, “Friendships as strong as family are a blessing” (Trevor, chapter 3, Night’s Embrace). 

Others of Seattle series:
  1. Night’s Embrace
  2. Storm Mistress (not yet released)
Other of Edonton series:
  1. New Beginnings (Book 1)
  2. In Too Deep (Prequel)
  3. Shadows Fall (Book 1.5)
  4. Shadows of the Past (Book 2)
  5. Falling into Place (Book 3)
  6. Breaking Free (Book 4 / summer 2014)

Thank you [My Family’s Heart ] for hosting this tour.
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