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HUDSON by Shayne McClendon

Title:  HUDSON

Series:  The Barter System #2

Author:  Shayne McClendon

Publish Date:   10.18.13

Publisher:  Always the Good Girl LLC

Category /Genre:  Erotica

Recommended for:  18+ due to sexual content

Grammar/editing:  A – near perfect

Received from:  Shayne McClendon (in exchange for an honest review)

Tour by:  This Redhead LOVES Books

Goodreads:  Hudson

Date completed: 01.25.14


Description from the publisher:

Refuse to compromise.

Hudson Winters is in control of every aspect of his world. From his earliest memories, he's been driven to succeed. Starting from nothing, he built an empire based on opportunity and intimidation.

Personally, professionally, and sexually - he ensures the reins are always in his hands.

He never counted on a woman like Gabriella Hernandez.

From the moment she steps into his building, she proceeds to shake up his entire existence. Her very presence causes him to question everything about himself, his relationships, and his future.

NOTE: This story contains explicit sexual scenes and language and is intended for mature audiences only. Do not read this novel if intense sexual situations offend you.



This is the second in The Barter System series.  While I believe it could stand alone, the relationships of the supporting characters will make much more sense if you have read THE BARTER SYSTEM.


Gabriella “Brie” Hernandez has arrived in New York to be with her boyfriend, only to discover that she has been conned.  The name and the address are right, but the man she runs into is an arrogant, foul-mouthed, aggravating, (and sexy) dominant.  Determined to make her new life in New York City rather than returning to Washington, she quickly finds a home and a job, not knowing that Hudson Winters has smoothed the way and made the arrangements for her.  He is twisted up by thoughts of her and begins to question his relationships and his future.


This is Hudson’s story, but it is also Brie’s and Natalia’s.  If this story was a man, I would date him.  It is full of passion, humor, a bit of intrigue, and just enough reality.  I absolutely adore Brie.  She loves with her whole heart.  She’s intelligent, insightful, introspective, passionate, self-deprecating, and willfully naïve.  She reminds me a lot of me, especially that last one.  We glass-is-half-full gals have to stick together!  It all comes down to a philosophy bent on believing in the best of everyone you meet and expecting them to live up to that belief.  It works more often than not! 


I will be waiting in breathless anticipation for the next story in this series.


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Shayne is gifting
     5 ecopies of Hudson
     5 swag packs
     1 signed paperback of The Barter System
     5 ATCs of Backstage when it become available.







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