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CAPTIVE by Samantha Jacobey


Series:  A New Life #1

Author:  Samantha Jacobey

Publish Date:   03.15.14

Publisher:  Lavish Publishing, LLC

Category /Genre:  Contemporary Romance, MC

Recommended for:  18+ due to sexual content and violence (including rape)

Grammar/editing:  B – a few small errors

Received from:  Samantha Jacobey (as a gift)

Date completed: 08.09.14

Goodreads link: Captive


Description from the publisher:

To what lengths would you go to break away from a life filled with pain and suffering?

Tori Farrell has lived a dangerous life. When you grow up with a Motorcycle Gang of Mercenaries and Drug Lords like the Dragons, a normal life is more like a fairy tale. For years, she accepted her dark reality, a world consisting of drugs, sex, violence and murder. In the end, she learned the most valuable lesson: survival.


After years of being ruled by the Dragons, Tori uses her skills of seduction and assassination to free herself from the grasp of the people who vowed they would never let her go. Taken in by the FBI, she fears not everything is what it seems, and soon finds herself lost in a web of lies and deceit. She thought getting away from the Dragons would put her on a path to a new and better life, but now she must face the cold hard truth… there is always a price to be paid.


This is book one of a projected seven book series.  They do need to be read in order.

Life with the Dragons was all that Tori knew, a life of alcohol, rape, and violence.  They had trained her to be an assassin and she was good at it.  The day she took matters into her own hands and assassinated all of them, she changed her captivity from the hands of the Dragons to the hands of the FBI.


This story was dark, though nothing like the other MC books that I have read, darker.  The scariest part is in knowing that someone somewhere is probably living some version of this girl’s life right now.  Yet, Tori is not a simpering victim in this.  You come away knowing that she is strong.  She claims to have told her whole story, and yet you feel that there is more to be known.  She has survived the unthinkable without breaking, but the bruises and scars are more than skin deep.  She is tough and also still innocent.  She chose the moment of her rebirth.  Though the path ahead appears to be rocky, you know that she has the inner strength to endure and triumph.


It is astounding to me that this is Ms. Jacobey’s first book.  The storyline and characters are compelling.  I could not put it down and found myself constantly on the edge of me seat to find out what happened next in her life.  I am eager to continue this series.


A New Life series:

  1. Captive (formerly released as Life of Recovery)
  2. Bound
  3. Entwined
  4. Exposed
  5. Indelible (to be released 09.18.14)




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