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BREE: WOLF RUN by Skye Eagleday


Series:  Romancing the Wolf #1

Author:  Skye Eagleday

Publish Date:   09.24.13

Publisher:  Skye Eagleday

Category /Genre:  Paranormal Romance, BBW, short-story

Recommended for:  18+ due to sexual content

Grammar/editing:  A – near perfect

Received from:  Amazon purchase

Goodreads link: Bree:  Wolf Run

Date completed: 09.03.14


Description from the publisher:

Too many guys looked at Bree and just saw a big girl with a pretty face. Little did they know how much she enjoyed her very active life. She spent so much time hiking and camping she thought she should have become a forest ranger. But her carefree times are about to change when a full moon rises on Bree during a Werewolf Pack Run.


This adult paranormal romance features a confident BBW who reacts to being surrounded by werewolves exactly the way most beautiful women would. The question is--will the werewolves survive?


(An adults only story with explicit sex involving a curvy big girl and a sexy werewolf! This is the first of the Bree Paranormal Adult Romance series which is included in the exciting conclusion: Romancing the Wolf)


Excerpt – must be over 18


I loved touching her. By now the Ecstasy had been metabolized and I was as normal as I'd get. If it hadn't been for Kevin's pill pushing, I wouldn't be here now, and god knows the others wouldn't have followed me to the sensory delight of Bree. I might have some explaining to do to the Pack Leader as to why I didn't return with the others, but I didn't care. I loved her size. When I've been with a skinny girl, I've always been afraid I might snap her in two. Bree was strong and solid. I knew I could make love to her and not end up breaking her. And she just felt so fantastic when I touched her--such incredible softness.

I could track her response by sense of smell and being able to listen to her heart beat. I knew she was getting gushy in her ladyparts--always a good sign. Her heart beat and body scent told me she trusted me--she had no fear. I took the next step and ever so gently teased the tip of my cock in and out a little--then in and out again.

"I have a condom," she whispered.

"One of the advantages of being what I am--I can't catch human STDs or pass them on. I also know from your scent, you're not in your fertile time. I'll be glad to use a condom if that's what you would like--but there really isn't a need for it." I kissed her once again on her neck.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This is the first book in the Romancing the Wolf series.  They do need to be read in order.

Bree is an intelligent, curvy, and confident woman who has planned a personal vacation on the Hoh Reservation.  Mikah is a werewolf whose pack has been allowed in the same woods for the monthly Run.  What happens when Bree is surrounded by Mikah and his pack mates? 


I like Bree.  I can relate to her as an intelligent BBW, not always taken seriously because of the size of our bodies.  Mikah was a little harder to embrace.  He is an intelligent man, but acts a little too naïve for a man over 25. 


I do like how Ms. Eagleday was able to provide a lot of background information into a short story without it ever feeling rushed or preachy.  I’m hoping that by continuing the series I will find a greater appreciation for Mikah and his brother wolves.


Romancing the Wolf series:

  1. Bree: Wolf Run
  2. Bree’s Sister: Cuff the Wolves
  3. Romancing the Wolf






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