Friday, June 3, 2016

BELIEVE by Mia Fox


Series:  Chasing Shadows #1

Author:  Mia Fox

Publish Date:   03.09.14

Publisher:  Evatopia Press

Genre: YA Paranormal Romance / Contemporary  

Recommended for:  18+ due to sexual content

Grammar/editing:  A – near perfect

Received from:  Evatopia Press (in exchange for an honest review)

Goodreads link: Believe

Date completed: 03.20.14


Description from the publisher:

Nate survived countless attacks on his Marine platoon while in Afghanistan, but one undying thought kept him safe -- the knowledge that Ella was waiting for him.


Ella marked off the days until Nate’s return by writing letters to him, knowing that once he was safely home, they would fulfill their promise to live each day to its fullest.


Theirs was a love that would endure separation...even in the wake of a tragic accident.


Although now apart, Ella is given reason to believe in ghosts when Nate’s presence visits her and remains her lover. But when another man enters her life, Ella struggles to give herself over to a new love and maintain her bond to Nate’s ghost.


A romantic ghost story and love triangle tied to one woman’s need to...Believe.



This is the first book in a new series by Mia Fox.  They do need to be read in order.


Nate has survived multiple tours in Afghanistan and each time he returned home to his girl, Ella.  During one of these visits home, after their regular Sunday morning date run in the mountains, Nate’s life is ended in a tragic car accident.  In her grief, Ella turns to his spirit.  The question is - do you believe in ghosts or do you believe she believes as a coping mechanism?


This was the first book I picked up after completing the FIFTY SHADES OF GREY trilogy by E.L. James.  At about 25%, I posted on Facebook a thank you to Mia Fox for releasing this book.  I called it a balm to my literary soul.  I have not changed my mind. 


I loved this novella of ghosts and destiny.  It was very well-written with relatable, believable characters.  I have lost several people very near and dear to me (a child, a brother, and my best friend).  I would love to spend time with each of them again.  I think anyone who has experienced a significant loss could relate to the overwhelming desire to spend just a few more hours with their person.  Mia has taken that desire and developed a story of passion, friendship, and love.  I am looking forward to continuing this story in TRUST.


 The Chasing Shadows series:

  1. Believe
  2. Trust

The Romani Realms series:

  1. Released
  2. Resurrected
  3. Returned (unknown release date)

The Hollywood Hottie series:

  1. Alert the Media
  2. Keeping Up (coming winter, 2014)

Written as Lola Bond:

  • Surprise Passion Series:
    1. Ready for the Yeti
    2. Going Steady with the Yeti
    3. Ethel and the Merman


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