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RECONNECTED by Bethany Daniel

Title:  Reconnected
Author:  Bethany Daniel
Publish Date:   05.08.13
Publisher:  Bethany Daniel
Category:  romance, NA, contemporary
Recommended for:  14+
Received from:  Bethany Daniel (in exchange for an honest review)
Date completed: 08.09.13

Description from the publisher:
A fast paced love story!

4 years ago Kate Parker was Katy Warren, wife to Hollywood's newest star, Liam Warren. She thought everything would stay the same even when they were moved into an L.A mansion, but she was wrong, Liam changed.

One night after a particularly crazy party, she threatens to leave if things don't change, but Liam doesn't believe her until she's gone. Katy leaves Liam and Hollywood behind but doesn't ever officially end their marriage.

And now, Katy is just Kate and she's living in college dorms with her best friend Krista working towards her psychology degree. As far as she's concerned Liam is out of sight and out of mind, that is until he shows up on campus getting a tour from the Dean because he's there filming his latest movie.

Sparks fly, both good and bad, and Katy has to step back and decide if she can handle Liam and his world again, and more importantly, if she can trust him with her heart again.

Disconnected, Liam's POV releasing August 12, 2013!

Reconnected Book Trailer!

Liam and Kate were high school sweethearts who eloped soon after graduation.  Kate encouraged Liam in pursuing his acting dream and he was “discovered” while working in a small town theater.  Soon, they were whisked off to Hollywood, but Kate was feeling ignored, so she left Hollywood and Liam behind.  Four years later, Liam is shooting on-location near the college where Kate is earning her degree in Psychology.  When he sees Kate, he pursues the only girl he has ever loved and is determined to reclaim his wife.  The only question is if Kate is willing to be reclaimed and deal with the Hollywood lifestyle.

This is a very fast-paced, short, sweet love story with a side-story of jealousy.  There is a naïve quality to the writing of this story, but it makes for a good first romance book for a younger person.  The Happily Ever After theme is appropriate for the innocence and light-hearted story that is told. 

I enjoyed this book.  It was a nice, easy, light read to unwind on Friday evening after a hard week at work.  I am looking forward to reading "Disconnected" by Ms. Daniel tomorrow.

Grammar/editing:  D – many errors, some distraction (e.g. to and too)

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