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Author:  V. Murphy
Publish Date:   12.08.13
Publisher:  V. Murphy
Category /Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Recommended for:  18+ due to sexual content
Received from:  V. Murphy (in exchange for an honest review)
Date completed: 12.08.13

Description from the publisher:
“I will pick up the pieces of your past and steal your heart forever, Ryder."

She stole his heart in Sharing Harper but will he be able to change his bad boy ways and do everything he can to prevent his ex and his family from destroying their relationship before it even begins?

Ryder Kent, 28, comes from a broken past full of secrets, suffering and a shattered marriage. His daughter, Evelyn, is his entire life until he met Harper, 21, a few months ago and everything changed. Harper is the reason he wakes up in the morning, but no one can seemingly accept this from his past. The pain he suffered years ago comes back to surface and Harper will have to work to save their relationship from ending.

Will Harper & Ryder be able to save their relationship and overcome the challenges they face or will they end up broken in the shadows of the past?

Follow Harper & Ryder on their continued journey in Stealing Ryder

This is the second book in this series and you do need to read them in order.

A few months later, life for Ryder has settled into a blissful routine of loving Harper and Evelyn.  Assumptions and carelessness lead to misunderstandings that once again bring Harper’s trust issues back into their lives.  Can they find their HEA?

I absolutely loved SHARING HARPER.  STEALING RYDER was even better!  I was up until 2:30am last night, because I just could not put this down.  I did have to take one break for a good hard cry.  Then I got to the end and I was smiling, until I turned the page.  OMG, prologue, there will be more of Harper and Ryder.  I don’t know if I can survive what we see coming, but I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Ms. Murphy has produced a wonderful cast of characters that are embedded in my heart and the bedroom (kitchen, hotel …) scenes are fantastically steamy. Looking forward to the next one! 

Grammar/editing:  B – a few small errors book received as an unedited ARC  / errors excused

Sharing Harper series:
  1. Sharing Harper
  2. Stealing Ryder
  3. (not yet named)


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