Saturday, August 1, 2015

STONE GUARDIAN by Danielle Monsch

Series:  Entwined Realms Series #1
Author:  Danielle Monsch
Publisher:  Romantic Geek Publishing
Category:  Romance, Sci Fi & Fantasy
Received from:  a gift from the author
Date completed:  07.04.2013

 Description from the publisher:
 Stone Guardian is the first book of the Entwined Realms series. The series is set in an alternate world – this world looks just like our everyday world, but magic and magical creatures are real and co-exist. So you can be on your way to work and see an elf riding the subway car with you. You can look out the window of your building and see a gryphon flying by. Magic is regulated but that won’t necessarily stop a couple of mages from fighting over the last mocha available at the local coffee shop.

And of course, there are bad guys. Necromancers bide their time and wait until they can unleash their master plan…
Do you remember the old Disney Gargoyles cartoon?  Confession:  I had a crush on Goliath.  I wanted to be Elisa Maza (the police lady / friend of the gargoyles / Goliath’s love interest).  Yep, I convinced the kid that he loved the cartoon, so that I could watch.  Now the kid is almost 25, and I have Danielle Monsch to thank for rekindling that crush.  You’ll need to trust me; this is not a story for kids. 

Twenty-six years ago, The Great Collision happened.  That was the day two Realms, the Human Realm and the Magic Realm, became entwined.  It was also the day that Larissa Miller was born.  Now humans are not the only sentient beings in this world.  We now live in a world with werewolves, vampires, orcs, fairies, mages, etc.

Terak is the Mennack, the Leader of the Gargoyle clan.  Larissa is a history teacher and the Oracle has told Terak to protect her.  Larissa doesn’t know why, but the necromancers are trying to kidnap her.

I absolutely loved this book.  This was a wonderful suspenseful story with just the right amount of romance, and the romance was done right (wink).  If you haven't bought this book - do it! Do it now!! You will not be disappointed.

Editing / Grammar:  C, but I so enjoyed this story that the editing and grammar errors didn’t matter.

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  3. Loving a Prince Charming
  4. Loving a Perfect Princess
  5. Loving a Bad Wolf
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