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Series: Fairy Tales & Ever Afters #3
Author:  Danielle Monsch
Publisher:  Romantic Geek Publishing
Category:  Romance, Sci Fi & Fantasy
Received from:  Romantic Geek Publishing via

Honor and Integrity were more than words to Seth - they were the values he lived his life by. As Prince of a large kingdom, putting duty before desire was vital for the prosperity and wellness of his people. If sometimes he looked at Kira – best friend since childhood and his personal guard – and regretted his betrothal to the Princess of a neighboring kingdom, well, that was the price he had to pay for his people’s happiness.

Even if that Princess was cursed and given the nickname Sleeping Beauty.

Seth discovers the way to end the curse and, against his father’s wishes, sets off on a perilous journey to free her with Kira by his side. But Kira represents a different type of danger… Only love can break the curse, but how can Seth keep his promise to protect Sleeping Beauty when every moment with Kira makes his heart damn duty and demand its desire?
I have to admit, one of the reasons I was most interested in picking up this book was because of the similarities in our unusual last names.  
This was a wonderful short story (only 76 Kindle pages) and the third in the Fairy Tales & Ever Afters series.  It is a respun telling of the classic sleeping beauty story from the Prince’s point of view.  I love retellings.  I read it in one afternoon.  I would love to see Ms. Monsch develop these stories further.  As full size books, I believe they would be even better or maybe that’s just me wishing for more of what I love.
Prince Seth and Princess Rosamund have been betrothed since her birth, but she is under the curse to prick her finger on a spinning wheel and sleep forever.  Thankfully Prince Seth has proven himself to being a man of integrity that was noticed by the Fairy Godmothers when he was only thirteen.  He is a man of his word with a compassionate heart.  His best friend is Kira, the daughter of the captain of the guard.  She has always been his companion, his confidante, and as they grow older she is named his personal guard.  She is a strong, skilled, and fierce warrior… and she’s in love with Seth. 
There are plenty of laughs, drama, and one sweet and silly love scene.  
I will be picking up the other offerings in this series.

Editing:  B - only a few errors

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