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Series:  Immortal Outcasts
Author:  Mandy M. Roth
Publish Date:   12.03.14
Publisher:  Mandy M. Roth
Category /Genre:  Paranormal Romance
Recommended for:  18+ due to sexual content
Received from:  Mandy M. Roth (in exchange for an honest review)
Date completed: 12.05.14
Goodreads link: Broken Communication

Description from the publisher:
Genetically altered into a super soldier who can shift into a wolf, Casey Black should have been the perfect asset—but that wasn’t to be. The scientists who conducted DNA splicing experiments on him put a little too much wolf in his cocktail. Considered a danger to society and a risk to the survival of the secret project, the government tried to eliminate him. The former Immortal Operative has spent the majority of his life on the run and off the grid from the very government who’d helped him be ‘all he could be’. When the sassy, headstrong woman who makes his body burn with need vanishes, he realizes it’s not his head, but rather his heart that is broken. And he’ll do whatever is called for to mend it.

This is the first book in a new series from Mandy Roth.  It is a spin-off of her popular Immortal Ops Series.  They will need to be read in order.

Casey was trained to be a soldier, and then genetically-
altered to be a super-soldier.  Something went wrong in his treatment, and he received a little too much wolf causing him to become a shifter.  Deemed a failed experiment, the government tried to eliminate him and his comrades.  Now living off the grid, he does his best to control his wolf.  When the woman he knows could be his mate, but also knows will never accept him, is kidnapped, he is determined to save her and his own heart.

I think this is a very well-written short story.  I loved the romance (and lust) between Casey and Harmony.  Harmony is strong, strong-willed, and confident.  In other words, exactly the kind of woman to stand up to a shifter!  Though the story does stand on its own, I think I may have enjoyed it just a touch more if I had previously read the Immortal Ops series and been more familiar with the history of this alternate world.

I’m looking forward to continuing to read this series (along with the Immortal Ops and PSI-Ops series that are related to it).

Grammar/editing:  A – near perfect

This Series:
1.      Broken Communication
2.      Damage Report (coming soon)
3.      Wrecked Intel (coming soon)
4.      Isolated Maneuver (coming soon)
5.      Intelligence Malfunction  (coming soon)
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