Thursday, November 27, 2014

WHERE BEARS ROAM by Dakota Danes

Series:  N/A
Author:  Dakota Danes
Publish Date:   11.10.14
Publisher:  Dakota Danes & Katz O'Connor
Category /Genre:  Short-story, Paranormal Romance, BBW, Erotica
Recommended for:  18+ due to sexual content
Received from:  Amazon purchase
Date completed: 11.25.14
Goodreads link: Where Bears Roam

Description from the publisher:
Suspense, shifters, and thrills: Brianna and the three bears!

BIG, BEAUTIFUL BRIANNA is lost and alone in the woods with a bloodthirsty predator.
WHEN A REAL-LIFE SHIFTER comes to rescue her, she discovers a whole new life of URGENT NEED and CONSUMING LUST!

But if she wants to join his pack of SEXY, STUNNING SHIFTERS, she'll have to SUCCUMB TO ALL THREE OF THEM – AT THE SAME TIME!

Can she handle their rough needs? Will the BBW AND THE THREE BEARS live happily ever after?
Lost in the woods and evening fast approaching, Brianna is being stalked by a mountain lion.  Just as the lion leaps to attack, a grizzly bear is on her other side charging….past her and battling the lion, before leaving her alone to finish her hike.  A little further down the trail she meets Derick, who offers a safe place for the night.  When she discovers what he is, he offers her a chance to join his pack, but she will have to be mate for him and both of his brothers.  These brothers love to share!

I wanted to like Brianna.  She is described as a BBW and I can usually relate to those characters.  Unfortunately she is a self-hating BBW.  Derick seems like a sweetie at first, but then he just becomes another man looking for sex.  I never felt a love connection between the two of them (or the four of them).

This book is listed as BDSM.  It is not.  Just because there is mention of being tied to a chair, doesn’t make it BDSM.  Repeating the word “submission” (as in “he f***ed me into submission”) doesn’t make it D/s.  That is a turn of phrase; that is not literal.

Most of the story is written in first person, but there was a paragraph that suddenly switched to third person. 

Briana’s sexual history is related as having been three men previously and every one of them was a two-pump chump.  So where did her sexual prowess, including anal, come from?

The final gross-out turning point for me was when one of the brothers went from anal to vaginal sex without cleaning up.  That is not just gross, it will cause a woman to get sick/dead.  This is not something that you can cry “literary license” and move on.  Just NO!

It could have been a good story.  Let’s face it, I love to read and I rarely call a book a stinker, but this one is.  The good news is that it is short, so if you’re just looking for an Amazon freebie to fill the time while you wait at the dentist, this will make the drill the lesser of two evils!

Grammar/editing:  B – a few small errors

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